PET Scans and PET imaging with the radiotracer FDG is one of the most significant diagnostic imaging tools ever developed.

Most PET studies today are combined with computed tomography (CT) studies in order to better locate areas of abnormal cell activity.

The fastest-growing area of PET scanning has been in oncology. PET imaging can reveal the location of tumors or other lesions and provide information about the extent of disease, benign or malignant status, and possible spread. A PET scan may help avoid surgical biopsy or find a site that is easier to biopsy.

A PET scan is considered to be the most accurate diagnostic procedure for assessing whether many types of cancer have recurred after treatment. It is also effective in evaluating the potential success of specific therapies.

In addition to FDG, other PET radiotracers are available to visualize a large variety of cancerous and noncancerous processes