The establishment of Nuclear medicine in South Africa can be traced back to the use of the first radioisotope in 1948. The first rectilinear scanner in South Africa was used at the CSIR in Pretoria followed by the first gamma camera in the country at the Pretoria General Hospital in 1969. Nuclear Medicine was practiced as a sub-speciality under radiology up until 1987, when it was established as a speciality on its own.

The practice of CoMIT is focused and supports the process of transformation in especially the field of Nuclear Medicine by providing a platform to practice and opportunity for partnership for young newly qualified Nuclear Physicians from previously disadvantaged communities. Besides imaging and diagnostics, our practice is accredited by the HPCSA to do training of radiographers from especially the previously disadvantaged communities, in nuclear medicine. CoMIT is one of a mere handful of private practices which train students in N.M. (a SETA accredited scarce skill). The training we offer is a B.Rad (Nuclear Medicine) and a National Diploma in Nuclear Medicine. As a nuclear medicine practice with 26 years’ experience in clinical Nuclear Medicine and more than 20 years’ experience in training N.M. radiographers, we have a wealth of experience in the transfer of highly sought-after skills to trainees. We have trained almost 13 radiographers in the last 5 years.

Dr Annatjie Van Niekerk

MBChB 1991 (Univ. Stell)

MMed Nuc.Med 2000 (Univ. Pret)

082 922 3022


 Dr Annatjie van Niekerk

Dr Moshe Modiselle

BSc (Chem & BioChem) UDW 200
MBChB 2006 (Univ. Limpopo)
FCNP and MMed (NucMed Univ. Pret) 2014

072 370 3498
Moshe Modiselle Modiselle

Dr Bhavin Ramjee

MBChB 1999 (Univ.Pret)

FCNP (CMSA 2007)


082 872 2030


bhavin ramjee

Dr Thabo Lengana

MBChB 2007 (WITS)
MSc Med 2017 (WITS) Bioethics and Law
FCNP (CMSA) 2017
MMed (Nuc Med Univ. Pret) 2018
082 853 5489
Thabo Lengana